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Un Mate is your premier source for genuine yerba mate tea and its accompanying accessories in the US. Explore our comprehensive collection, boasting over 120 varieties of Yerba Mate alongside exclusive mate sets and accessories, ensuring aficionados and newcomers alike can delve deep into this time-honored infusion.

Experience traditional brewing with Un Mate’s authentic gourds and bombillas, available exclusively on our e-platform. These accessories transport you straight to the heart of Argentina and Uruguay with every sip. Fueled by our unwavering dedication to yerba tea, we’ve also introduced a tailor-made backpack, designed meticulously to hold your yerba mate sets, accessories, and thermos on all your adventures.

However, Un Mate is not just a digital storefront; it’s a distinguished brand that has expanded its yerba mate love, delivering products across the entire US.

As a leading distributor of yerba mate tea in the US, our outreach extends to eco-friendly and health-centric stores through our wholesale propositions. With an array of over 120 yerba mate teas, specialized sets, and essential accessories, we ensure a comprehensive yerba experience. Whether you’re embarking on your first yerba mate journey or are a seasoned connoisseur, Un Mate’s offerings promise to satisfy every palate and preference.

At Un Mate, we pride ourselves on curating specialized categories for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, encompassing Yerba Mate, Bombillas, Mate Cups, Materas, and Thermos. Dive into our e-store to discover a myriad of Yerba Mate Tea varieties. We’ve carefully categorized them for you, be it classic mate tea, flavor-infused varieties, or the distinct Chimarrao. Our shelves feature unique blends, from the aromatic Argentinian mate and refreshing Paraguayan Terere to the robust Brazilian erva mate, each sourced from select estates.

Immerse yourself in tradition with our genuine mate drinking accessories. Our collection showcases authentic mate cups and bombillas, crafted in Argentina, that promise to elevate every sip of your mate.

Wondering how to conveniently transport your yerba mate ensemble on the move? Look no further than our Materas and Backpacks section. Here, you’ll find meticulously designed materas, perfectly sized to hold your Thermos, mate cup, bombilla straw, and yerba mate, ensuring you’re always ready for a mate moment, wherever you are.