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Those who have sampled Alfajores will attest that these delightful Argentine treats are simply irresistible. Perfect for any time and place, Alfajores have become a beloved sweet snack. In our store, you can purchase these exquisite Alfajores and experience bliss with every bite of these dulce de leche-filled cookies. Explore our assortment of the finest Alfajores available. Don’t hesitate – place your order now!

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Galletitas de limon

Havanna's "Lemon Galletitas" are not just a delicious snack, but also an excellent gift for loved ones. Thanks to their elegant packaging, they are the perfect addition to any occasion, whether it be a gathering with friends or a family celebration.

Havanna Alfajores mixto x 6 pcs

Anyone who has ever eaten Havanna Alfajores can confirm that these irresistible type of biscuits are just too good to put down. Sweet foods foodies will discover heaven with these dulce de leche filled cookies covered in milk chocolate or meringue!  Order it today.

Havanna Alfajores Nuez x 6 pcs

The "Nuez" package consists of 6 pieces of alfajores covered with white chocolate. You must try it!

Havanna Havannets MIXTO

"Havannets Mixto" from Havana is an excellent choice for a gift for any sweets lover who appreciates diversity and high quality. This flavor composition is a true tribute to the traditional Argentine confectionery and guarantees unforgettable experiences for anyone who decides to embark on this sweet journey.

Havanna Alfajores 70% Cacao Puro 4 pcs

Anyone who has ever eaten Havanna Alfajores Cacao Puro can confirm that these irresistible alfajores are just too tasty to eat just one.  Sweet food lovers will discover heaven with these dulce de leche filled alfajores covered in 70% of Pure Cacao!  Irresistible!

Havanna Mini Alfajor

Havanna Mini Alfajor is another hit of ours that came straight to you from Argentina! However, if you've landed here for the first time, you're probably wondering if it's worth adding Alfajores to your basket. Of course, it is!

What are alfajores?

Alfajores, the beloved Argentine treats, are cookies generously filled with dulce de leche and typically enrobed in chocolate. These scrumptious cookies are available in a multitude of variations and are avidly consumed by Argentinians, often alongside yerba mate. A universally adored snack, Alfajores are enjoyed by both children and adults at any time.

Types of Alfajores

Alfajores come in an array of styles to satisfy different palates. The chocolate-coated varieties filled with dulce de leche are especially popular. Among these, we highly recommend the Havanna 70% Cacao Puro as a premium choice.

In addition to these, there are innovative versions like the Havanna Semilia, crafted from a blend of various seeds and coated in dark chocolate.

You'll also find Alfajores covered in white chocolate, infused with coconut, filled with fruit jams instead of dulce de leche, and many other delightful variations!

Leading Brands of Alfajores

Havanna stands out as the most renowned Alfajores brand in Argentina, famed for producing some of the finest alfajores globally for over 70 years. With such an impressive history, it's no surprise that visitors to Argentina often seize the opportunity to purchase these premium treats. Havanna alfajores are not only delicious but also make excellent gifts.