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The Un Mate Premium serves as our reward scheme for cherished customers who continually return for our exclusive accessories and invigorating yerba mate.

For our devoted patrons, we extend a discount, allowing you to Purchase and Enjoy Savings on your top-choice Yerba Mate!

Regular customers can avail themselves of three tiers of discounts, determined by the cumulative total of all your purchases.

Total Spent between all ordersDiscount with Un Mate Premium
$ 1005 %
$ 30010 %
$ 50015 %

Set up an account when placing your initial order and begin enjoying savings on subsequent purchases!

Upon logging into your account, if you’ve met the required minimum purchase, the revised prices will be displayed in the store. Within your account dashboard, you can view your order history and determine your current discount tier.

Additionally, Un Mate Premium is compatible with sale items, coupon codes, and exclusive discounts! Enrolling now is simply a smart move.

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