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Mate cocido tea, commonly referred to as cha mate or cocido, is essentially yerba mate presented in tea bags. This form of mate tea enjoys widespread popularity in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, favored for its ease of preparation and affordability. Simply brewed like regular tea, cosido stands out as an ideal choice for those who appreciate a straightforward approach to enjoying mate or those who favor a more subdued flavor. Explore the variety of mate cocido options available for purchase in our store within this category.

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Taragui mate cocido

Taragüi mate cocido is the most practical way of incorporating the benefits of mate into your day. Yerba mate in tea bags to drink anytime, anywhere!    

Who should order mate cocido?

Individuals who opt for this version of mate tea are those who appreciate the flavor of mate but prefer not to prepare it using the traditional bombilla method. Being packaged as tea bags, it offers tremendous convenience for those wanting to enjoy mate at the office, school, or on the go, without the need to carry the usual yerba mate paraphernalia.

Cosido, also called Cha Mate in Brazil, is also an excellent introduction to yerba mate for first-timers. It presents a milder flavor and caffeine level compared to the traditional brew and is a common beverage in South America, even among children. It can be enjoyed cold, as mate helado or terere.

Which mate cocido brand is recommended?

In our store, we offer a selection of mate cocido, chosen for their high-quality standards in this category:

  • Taragui mate cocido: Made by Establecimiento Las Marias in Argentina, this mate tea is produced with stringent quality control, ensuring top-notch quality for consumers.