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5 Yerba Mate Brands for Beginners that every new matero has to try.

yerba mate brands for beginners

This article has been meticulously composed to aid newcomers in the selection of excellent Yerba Mate brands, specifically tailored for those new to the world of mate. Recognizing the overwhelming abundance of choices in the market, we aim to provide guidance in making your decision.

After delving into the wealth of health benefits associated with yerba mate consumption and its potential to enhance your overall well-being and vitality, you’ve taken the exciting step of embarking on your mate-drinking journey. However, faced with the daunting prospect of choosing from over 130 Yerba Mate varieties available in our store, you may find yourself uncertain about where to begin.

The question of which Yerba Mate brand is most suitable for beginners can indeed be perplexing. This guide is meticulously crafted to address this very dilemma, with the intention of steering you towards the finest yerba selections, ensuring that your initial experience with mate is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

When it comes to Yerba Mate varieties ideal for novices, there are essentially two primary categories to explore: flavored and classic. To initiate your journey, we, at Un Mate, recommend commencing with the classic options.

Our primary focus will be dedicated to showcasing our top recommendations within this category, which include Playadito, Aguantadora, Piporé Sublime, Pampa Orgánica, and Taragui.

Favourite Yerba Mate brand for beginners

In the heart of South America, the homeland of devoted Yerba Mate enthusiasts, you’ll notice that specific mate brands rise above the rest, commanding a significant presence.

Among these brands, Playadito claims a prestigious position, reigning as the best-selling brand in Argentina.

In recent years, Playadito has successfully captured the attention and favor of the younger demographic in the market. There has been a noticeable surge in demand for high-quality mate tea that delivers a gentle flavor and sustains lengthy mate-drinking sessions. Playadito has adeptly responded to these specific consumer preferences.

Yerba Mate Playadito distinguishes itself with its adherence to traditional preparation methods, offering a mild energy boost and a smooth, delicate flavor profile. The composition of Playadito features coarsely cut leaves with minimal dust content, making it compatible with all types of bombillas.

Both the flavor and aroma of Playadito are understated and mellow, positioning it as an especially forgiving choice for those new to yerba mate. It’s a common occurrence for beginners to unintentionally use water that’s too hot (exceeding 85 degrees) and steep their mate for an extended period, resulting in a bitter brew.

Playadito provides a cushion for such mistakes, which is why we wholeheartedly endorse it as the ideal Yerba Mate selection for individuals embarking on their mate-drinking journey.

Without a doubt, Playadito shines as one of the standout products in our inventory. It’s available in both 500g and 1kg packages, and for those who prefer a simpler preparation method, it also comes in the form of convenient tea bags.

yerba mate types for beginners

Everyday Yerba Mate type for starters


In the very heart of South America, the epicenter of fervent Yerba Mate enthusiasts, certain mate brands unmistakably shine and exert substantial dominance in the market.

Among these brands, Playadito occupies a revered and distinguished position, boasting the coveted title of the best-selling brand in Argentina.

Over recent years, Playadito has managed to captivate the interest and loyalty of the younger consumer segment within the market. This surge in demand for premium mate tea, characterized by a subtle flavor and the ability to endure prolonged mate-drinking sessions, has not gone unnoticed, and Playadito has adeptly risen to meet these specific consumer desires.

Yerba Mate Playadito sets itself apart through its unwavering commitment to traditional production methods, delivering a mild energizing effect and a refined, gentle taste. Its composition features generously cut leaves with minimal dust, ensuring its compatibility with a variety of bombilla types.

The flavor and aroma of Playadito are both mild and understated, marking it as an exceptionally forgiving choice among yerba mate teas. It’s common for beginners to inadvertently use water that’s excessively hot (exceeding 85 degrees) and steep their mate for an extended duration, resulting in a more bitter taste.

In such scenarios, Playadito provides a safety net, solidifying our endorsement of it as an exemplary Yerba Mate selection for those new to the world of mate.

Unquestionably, Playadito enjoys its status as a bestseller in our store, conveniently available in both 500g and 1kg packaging. Furthermore, for those seeking a simpler mate-brewing experience, Playadito offers the option of tea bags.

Our recommended Yerba Mate type for beginners


Now, we would like to draw your attention to a particularly unique brand: Yerba Mate Pampa Orgánica.

This specific Yerba Mate brand prides itself on organic cultivation practices, ensuring that its production remains free from agrochemicals and aligns with the natural growth process of the plant.

Yerba Mate Pampa Orgánica offers a delightful flavor profile, achieving a harmonious blend of dust, twigs, and finely cut leaves. Its gentle and mild taste, accompanied by a subtle hint of bitterness, positions it as an excellent choice for those taking their initial steps into the world of yerba mate.

Pampa Orgánica sets itself apart, not only with its taste but also through its visually appealing packaging, making it distinctive in the market. It serves as an excellent gift option for those individuals you believe should embark on their own yerba mate journey. The combination of its attractive packaging and delightful taste makes it a stellar choice for a considerate present.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below, and we invite you to share whether you would consider this organic yerba mate as one of your top choices for newcomers exploring various yerba mate brands.


yerba mate brands for starters

Award winning Yerba Mate brands for beginners

Yerba Mate Aguantadora stands as a renowned brand, especially in the realm of traditional yerba mate, and it has left a significant mark on the market. Hailing from Misiones, Argentina, this brand has dedicated a remarkable 90 years to crafting some of the finest yerba mate products, making it an excellent choice for individuals new to the world of yerba mate.

Aguantadora shares certain similarities with Pipore Sublime, and notably, its classic version received the accolade of being the best Yerba Mate in 2016, a recognition that underscores its exceptional quality and flavor.

The distinct processing method employed by Aguantadora, which involves shielding the leaves from smoke during the drying process and an extensive aging period that can extend up to 18 months, culminates in a high-quality product with minimal bitterness. Aguantadora products undergo hot air drying for approximately 6 to 8 hours, ensuring the final product remains smoke-free (sin humo).

This Argentinean yerba mate is available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg packaging, offering a range of options for consumers. Given its mild and enjoyable taste, it emerges as an ideal choice for newcomers, which is precisely why it has been chosen for inclusion in our Yerba Mate starter sets.

yerba mate types for starters

Another must try Yerba Mate brand for starters

Taragui Tradicional, a leading brand in Argentina, has firmly established its presence in the European market and has become a popular choice among customers, especially those who are new to yerba mate.

Recognized for its larger leaves and mild flavor profile, Taragui has proven to be an excellent choice for beginners in the world of yerba mate. Its gentle and approachable nature allows you to enjoy it on a daily basis without concerns about indigestion or other issues that can be associated with stronger yerba mate varieties.

Experienced yerba mate enthusiasts are likely familiar with the Taragui brand and can attest to its suitability for newcomers. In response to the preferences of beginners, Taragui has even refined its blend to achieve a smoother taste.

Taragui offers a range of packaging options, including 250g, 500g, and 1kg bags, ensuring that there’s a size to fit everyone’s needs. You can conveniently purchase Taragui yerba mate from our online store and begin your journey into the world of mate with this top-quality option.

Have you chosen which Yerba Mate brands for beginners you will start with?

In summary, these five Yerba Mate brands are ideal choices for beginners, offering a gentle and mild flavor profile that’s perfect for those looking to incorporate Mate into their daily routines, whether it be at work, home, or anywhere else. With more than 100 different types of Yerba Mate in our inventory, we hope this post simplifies your decision-making process by highlighting what we consider to be the best options for newcomers to Yerba Mate.

Furthermore, having a practical container, such as a case or tin, can make it much easier to transport your Yerba Mate wherever you go, without the need to carry around an entire package. That’s why we’ve introduced the Yerbera Un Mate, a 500g capacity tin available in various colors, which you can also purchase at our Mate store.

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