Yerba Mate vs Coffee: Which is the best? 5 Indisputable Reasons

yerba mate vs coffee

If you’re contemplating a change in your daily beverage routine and pondering whether to try yerba mate or coffee, we strongly recommend giving yerba mate a chance. While yerba mate tea holds a special place in the hearts of South Americans, especially Argentinians, its popularity is rapidly spreading across Europe and other parts of the world.

Mate is gaining such popularity that it’s now competing with coffee and tea, both of which are immensely beloved beverages in their own right. If you, like many others, are grappling with indecision amidst this variety of beverage options, you’re not alone. The fundamental question is which drink excels in terms of flavor, convenience, and overall appeal.

To assist you in navigating this dilemma, we’ve composed this article to delve into the distinguishing features of yerba mate, coffee, and tea. Our objective is to present you with a comprehensive comparison, enabling you to make an informed choice about which beverage aligns best with your preferences. Continue reading to uncover the unique characteristics of each option and discover your ideal beverage match!

Pros and Cons of Yerba Mate, Coffee and Tea

The discussion surrounding the advantages and potential drawbacks of mate, coffee, and tea is a contentious issue among nutrition and general health specialists. Each of these beverages has its advocates and critics, resulting in a plethora of information—and occasionally, misinformation—about their impact on health. This has led to a considerable degree of confusion and ambiguity regarding these widely consumed drinks. Before we delve into the comparison between yerba mate and coffee to discern which might be the most suitable option for you, let’s examine some of the key aspects of consuming these beverages.

Benefits of Yerba Mate tea

Ilex Paraguariensis, often referred to as yerba mate, is undeniably a remarkable natural gift held in high regard within South American traditions. Abundant in vitamins, minerals, astringents, and antioxidants, it transcends the realm of mere refreshment. For many individuals, it forms an integral part of their daily routine, occasionally even serving as a meal replacement, playing a pivotal role in maintaining both physical health and mental well-being.

benefits of Yerba Mate tea


Yerba mate, characterized by its unique and exceptional flavor profile, transcends its role as a mere social beverage. Extensive scientific investigations have verified its extensive health advantages, universally applicable irrespective of the brewing method—whether it be the traditional technique or through the utilization of a French press. It presents a diverse array of vital nutrients essential for overall health. Herein, we delve into the all-encompassing merits of yerba mate, as scrutinized by the National Institute of Yerba Mate:

  1. Antioxidant Characteristics: Yerba mate demonstrates a remarkable ability to decelerate the aging process, primarily owing to its copious polyphenolic content. These polyphenols effectively counteract the detrimental impacts of free radicals. It’s worth noting that the conventional approach to mate consumption, involving heated water, further amplifies these antioxidant effects.

  2. Abundant in Vitamins and Minerals: Yerba mate is brimming with vitamins A, B, C, and E, in addition to crucial minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. These components play a pivotal role in DNA functionality, cellular rejuvenation, and the absorption of fats and proteins.

  3. Curbs Appetite: Yerba mate bestows a sensation of fullness, diminishing anxiety and facilitating weight management. As a result, it is highly recommended in dietary regimens due to its diuretic and cleansing attributes, as well as its potential to enhance metabolism.

  4. Inherent Stimulant: Housing mateine, a variant of caffeine, this beverage heightens vigilance, concentration, and general cognitive capacity. It enlivens neural activity, augments memory, and hones logical reasoning. Furthermore, it bolsters physical performance, positioning it as an excellent choice for individuals grappling with fatigue.

  5. Safeguards Against Infections: High doses of yerba mate extract have demonstrated the capability to neutralize E. Coli bacteria. Additionally, it impedes the proliferation of Malassezia Furfur, a fungus responsible for skin flakiness, dandruff, and various cutaneous irritations.

  6. Lowering Cholesterol Levels: Research carried out at the Juan Agustín Maza University in Mendoza proposes that the antioxidant elements present in yerba mate also contribute to the reduction of undesirable cholesterol levels, thus diminishing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

By comprehending these myriad advantages, one can genuinely acknowledge the holistic well-being that yerba mate affords, rendering it a precious addition to your daily regimen.


When is Yerba Mate not recommended? 

Carolina Fuentes, a naturopath at Natural Clinic, imparts valuable guidance concerning the intake of yerba mate, emphasizing specific scenarios where vigilance should be exercised:

Discouraged for Evening Consumption: As a result of its diuretic properties, consuming yerba mate after 8 pm might potentially disrupt sleep patterns, leading to a restless night. The heightened frequency of urination can interfere with sleep, posing challenges in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

Inadvisable for Individuals with Gastric Problems: Individuals grappling with gastric issues should steer clear of yerba mate. Its laxative effects, coupled with the potential to exacerbate discomfort, render it an unsuitable choice for those with sensitive stomachs or preexisting gastric conditions.

Unsuitable for Children Due to Stimulating Effects: Owing to its potent stimulating properties, yerba mate is typically not recommended for children under the age of eight. The caffeine content and the stimulating nature of the beverage could overwhelm young children, potentially leading to hyperactivity or disturbances in their sleep patterns.

It is of paramount importance for individuals to heed these recommendations and seek counsel from healthcare professionals if they harbor any concerns pertaining to the consumption of yerba mate, especially if they fall into the sensitive groups mentioned above. This approach ensures that they can savor the beverage safely and harness its manifold health benefits without encountering adverse effects.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee, being the world’s most widely consumed beverage with a vast array of flavors, has garnered recognition for its role in sustaining our alertness and enhancing concentration. Furthermore, it boasts a range of additional health benefits. Here, we present a collection of its favorable effects:

Reduces the Risk of Cardiac Arrests: Peter Martin, the head of Coffee Research at Vanderbilt University, highlights that while caffeine can temporarily elevate blood pressure, it does not contribute to the occurrence of heart-related ailments.

Mitigates Symptoms of Depression: Research conducted by Harvard University reveals that caffeine possesses properties that can alleviate depressive symptoms, potentially reducing the risk of suicide when consumed in moderation.

Diminishes the Likelihood of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Caffeine is attributed to a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, with a reduction of up to 65% among regular coffee drinkers. It also lowers the probability of Parkinson’s disease by 32 to 60%.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to exercise caution with excessive coffee consumption due to the potential for insomnia and mental fatigue as a result of heightened brain activity. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach can trigger the production of stomach acids, leading to mild discomfort in the short term and the possibility of more severe issues over time.

Benefits of Tea

The renowned Chinese beverage, tea, has garnered global recognition for its rejuvenating effects on the body. Its numerous health benefits have been substantiated by extensive scientific research, and we will focus on the top three advantages:

Enhances the Immune System: Abundant in flavonoids and essential vitamins like vitamin C, tea fortifies the body’s natural defenses, shielding it against cellular damage.

Abundant in Antioxidants: Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and polyphenolic compounds, tea combats the aging process by safeguarding cells and tissues from the harmful impacts of free radicals.

Facilitates Hydration: With its significant water content and revitalizing constituents, tea assists in maintaining optimal hydration levels, ensuring the effective functioning of our body.

When is Tea not recommended?

Studies conducted by the University of Vermont and the University of Buffalo recommend refraining from caffeine consumption for individuals highly sensitive to it or those dealing with conditions like anxiety, insomnia, stress, and fatigue. Prolonged caffeine use has been associated with potential negative consequences, including occurrences of dizziness and headaches.


Yerba Mate kit

So, is Yerba Mate healthier than Coffee?

Each type of beverage possesses its distinct characteristics and flavors. The choice among them for your health and well-being ultimately hinges on your personal preferences. Drawing from the scientific research mentioned, the recommendation tends to favor consuming mate tea. Its potential drawbacks are comparatively less worrisome than those of other drinks, while the benefits it offers for physical health and overall development are more substantial.

Frequent mate consumers can confirm the noticeable positive changes they’ve experienced since integrating this beverage into their daily routines. They report increased energy levels, a heightened sense of equilibrium and calm, as well as enhanced vitality. If you still find yourself uncertain about this globally beloved beverage, we encourage you to explore the five reasons we’ve outlined, advocating for the inclusion of yerba mate in your dietary choices.

Yerba Mate: 5 Reasons Why you Should Start drinking it

Yerba Mate 5 Reasons Why you Should Start drinking it

1. Increases your Energy

Yerba mate delivers an invigorating energy boost that is revitalizing, yet it doesn’t come with the intensity and potential adverse effects often linked to coffee consumption. When you enjoy mate, you experience a gentle and subtle surge of energy, steering clear of the rapid heart rate, anxiety, or headaches that can occasionally accompany coffee. The energy provided by mate is more balanced, offering both vitality and a sense of calm and composure, which are essential for effective action. Moreover, it typically doesn’t interfere with sleep patterns.

2. Greater Concentration

Yerba mate contains xanthines, which are compounds that stimulate the nervous system, along with caffeine. People dealing with fatigue and sluggishness can consume mate with confidence, as it can lead to not only increased vitality but also improvements in mental acuity, alertness, stimulation, and concentration.

3. Stimulates Metabolism

Yerba mate is abundant in xanthines, which are compounds that stimulate the nervous system, in addition to caffeine. Individuals struggling with fatigue and lethargy can safely enjoy mate, experiencing not just an increase in energy but also enhancements in cognitive functions, alertness, arousal, and focus.

4. Fat Reductor

One of the benefits of consuming yerba mate is its capacity to inhibit the buildup of fat in the body, promoting the overall health and integrity of the arteries. This leads to a well-functioning cardiovascular system. Furthermore, yerba mate acts as a potent stimulant for heart function, all without the disadvantage of elevating blood pressure or predisposing individuals to cardiovascular problems.

5. Slows Aging

Unlike coffee and tea, yerba mate can be incorporated into your daily routine without hesitation. This regular consumption helps counteract oxidative stress and cellular deterioration, ultimately slowing down the aging process. With its generous antioxidant content and its ability to absorb carbon more rapidly than other beverages, yerba mate plays a role in preserving youthfulness, well-being, and vitality.


Savoring a mug of mate extends beyond participating in a communal tradition with loved ones; it’s about nurturing your body, intellect, and spirit with vital and advantageous components that enhance your daily quality of life. Consequently, we invite you to investigate and delight in this South American potion. To embark on this adventure, peruse our boutique and pick out the ideal mate kit, suitable for both social occasions and solitary instances of serenity.


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